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Eat: No Bake Energy Bites (guest recipe)

27 Feb
Here’s a recipe from my latest guest contributor (also a cousin)…her trail name pending but the horse’s name is Geranto. He specializes in tours of Colombian coffee country).
I wanted to share one of my favorite snacks for hiking… so yummers!

No Bake Energy Bites

  • 1 cup (dry) oatmeal
  • 2/3 cup toasted coconut flakes
  • 1/2 cup of any nut butter
  • 1/2 cup ground flaxseed
  • 1/2 cup chocolate chips or raisins
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 1 tsp. vanilla

Mix by hand and pack for the trail! 


Thanks, cuz—and Geranto. They sound easy and delish.

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 9.15.16 PM

Florida Sun, Two Ways

22 Feb

Well, we’re the luckiest. Both HT and I are reveling in the Florida sunshine this week(end). I’m visiting family on Sanibel Island, HT is in Daytona for the Daytona 500.


2013 NASCAR Daytona 500

Yep, I’m outing a certain someone as a diehard NASCAR fan. Would you have guessed it? I like to point out that he’s the best dressed, best educated fan in the average NASCAR crowd. I won’t say he has the most teeth—I’m not sure on account of his long hockey-playing history…but when I looked out over the sea of fans at the Dover Monster Mile, I was happy that my companion was the best looking, best behaved and least distastefully tattooed in the place.


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TRIPS: Hittin’ the Oregon Trail

19 Feb

You may remember The List.  Recently, I asked, while washing dishes,

“Why have this list if we aren’t actually going to visit these places?”

And the next day, we decided just where my tax refund money is going this year.


We’re Oregon bound!

Per recommendations from my cousins living in Portland (Headstart among them), we plan to visit in August. We want to hit Portland (where I’ve been but HT hasn’t) and Bend, OR for some outdoor QT.

So now the question becomes…what to do when we’re there? And where to stay?

Here are my thoughts so far. We’ll see if HT agrees.


Powell’s Bookstore – last time I visited, I lost myself in this amazing independent bookstore for hours. And my delightful cousin works here, so it’s nice to pop in on her in “her element”. Continue reading

Wrap V-Day Gifts with Garbage! (kinda)

13 Feb

photo 3

Here’s my last minute fix for a quick, green, cheap solution to wrapping Valentine (or any) gifts. I had a small box to wrap for HT, so I knew I wanted a rustic, manly wrapping style. AND, I had everything I needed right in my trusty blue bin.

What I used:

  • Trader Joe’s brown paper shopping bags
  • Trader Joe’s Roasted Veggie Pizza box
  • rustic twine

And it’s easy!

1. Cut the bag along the seams to make a flat piece big enough to wrap around your gift.

2. Wrap the gift, paper inside out if you prefer plain brown. I loved the idea of an explorer peeking around the edge of my box, so I wrapped printed side out.

3. Tie the twine in a manly bow.

4. Cut a heart or other shaped tag from a relatively uncluttered section of the pizza (or other) box. I liked the printed pizza ingredients, ’cause the text is small so I can write on the tag in black sharpie on top, but here, mostly because of the red color.

5. Tie the heart tag on with twine. I made a small hole with the point of my scissors, as I don’t have a hole punch.

Voila! Manly gift wrap, repurposed and post-unwrapping, all recyclable.

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Bad Ass Header & A+ Muffins

12 Feb

Two things today:

1. Our pal Scotty V. made us this custom Will Hike For Food header!

Look up. Don’t you love it? I am known for backseat designing (as I am not a graphic designer myself) and he so graciously took our suggestions and turned them into something REALLY great. Isn’t Miss P’s orange collar the best part? Now, we’ve really made it.

2. I made better-than-average apple muffins.

I had a bag of apples in the fridge from TJ’s that I just couldn’t eat fast enough, so I knew an apple-related baking project was in my near future. THEN, I saw THIS on Smitten Kitchen. Perfect. Whole wheat (always), apples (have in excess) and other ingredients already in the pantry. And of course, I had to use Valentine’s day cupcake liners.

Here’s the result. NOTE, I always tweak, even when I should not. So my changes are as usual, in blue, like the bin.

photo 3

Whole Wheat Apple Muffins

Adapted by Smitten Kitchen from King Arthur Flour, and by me from Smitten Kitchen, whew!

Yield: They said 12.  I got 12 PLUS a couple Texas-sized in the extra overflow pan.

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Nemo, a Clownfish of a Storm

11 Feb

Alright, alright, it was a legitimate storm, but not once did we have to snap into survival mode! In fact, at times we got *gasp*….a little bored.

So I cooked, baked and concocted our way to a few pound weight gain over the course of the weekend, and we took LOTS of walks…at times treacherous, at times extremely peaceful, in all weather.20130211-233547.jpg


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The backpacker’s porn loophole.

9 Feb

As Ruxin found the Sports Bra Bounce Test porn loophole on the League (he’s not allowed porn in the house by his wife, but thinks this an appropriate cheat), I have found the backpacker’s porn loophole. 

Have you met Cindy?

Holy guacamole. I’m a lady and I couldn’t tell ya now how to shower in the woods. Yeah, I got distracted.  The funniest part to me is this lady actually knows the outdoors. She might just be the real Backwoods Barbie. She and her husband Mike spend a lot of time outside and have a series of Hiking/Backpacking Tips videos (and lots of other crazy series) on their YouTube channel. I gotta say, How to Stay Clean is still the most, ahem, “informative”.

If your hiking partner suddenly subscribes to SoulSurvivorX2, just know they may be “learning” more than you think. But who can complain…sudden acquisition of outdoor skills helps us all on that dusty trail, whoever the teacher.

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