Blizzard Schmizzard #nemo

8 Feb


It’s days like these I laugh to myself as city dwellers freak out about rations and fresh water and snowblowers and batteries. I am not playing down their concern, all hikers know preparedness is key, but I love knowing that no matter what happens, survival is not on my list of fears.

No biggie, we’ll camp in the living room.

If the power goes out, my gas stove/oven will still work. Jackpot! I also have a sweet cherry red Primus tailgate grill setup if we want to get fancy on the back porch.

p-329285We’ll be warm and toasty with layers galore and bedding made for the great outdoors…

This could be us..

This could be us..

We’ve got killer boots, YakTrax, trekking poles, snowshoes and layers upon layers of mittens, gloves, wool socks and waterproof gear.

And when the lights go out , we’ve got that covered too..

So familiar.

So familiar.

We all know V-day is creeping up on us, so I’m tempted to bake cookies while sipping a snow-cooled Bacchus Spiced Brown Ale.


photo (6)


Maybe even some homemade treats for lovestruck Miss P…

photo 2

photo 1

Bring it on Nemo, we’re ready.

**UPDATE!** Made these cookies. They’re among the LEAST elaborate sugar cookies I’ve made, but on a day like today, they’re just right.  Treats for sweets. And Miss P did not get homemade treats but we DID take the blizzard trek to the store for some gourmet treats for her. Lucky dawgggg.



Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 9.15.16 PM

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