TRIPS: Hittin’ the Oregon Trail

19 Feb

You may remember The List.  Recently, I asked, while washing dishes,

“Why have this list if we aren’t actually going to visit these places?”

And the next day, we decided just where my tax refund money is going this year.


We’re Oregon bound!

Per recommendations from my cousins living in Portland (Headstart among them), we plan to visit in August. We want to hit Portland (where I’ve been but HT hasn’t) and Bend, OR for some outdoor QT.

So now the question becomes…what to do when we’re there? And where to stay?

Here are my thoughts so far. We’ll see if HT agrees.


Powell’s Bookstore – last time I visited, I lost myself in this amazing independent bookstore for hours. And my delightful cousin works here, so it’s nice to pop in on her in “her element”.

Beer, beer, beer – the daughter of a brewery owner, it’s my responsibility to size up the competition/get inspiration from some of the best, right?

Stumptown Coffee Co. (or one of millions of great ones citywide) This place hooked me on “latte art”

Stumptown treats.

Cousin’s Couch/spare yoga room/Air BnB for accommodations?  I stayed at the Ace last time I visited, and although cool, it’s almost hip at the cost of cozy for me and most definitely too hip for HT. The weirdo wall art will be lost on him and I don’t want to be stuck explaining, “it’s just, supposed to be cool, OK?

Bend: (the website alone makes me want to live here)

HIKE, HIKE, HIKE, but where?

We like tough. Hike the Hard Way is the motto. Mental Toughness is the key…so where to hike in Bend?

Where to stay that’s cool but affordable? Thoughts on AirBnB? Larger hotels with good deals? Small cabin rentals?

And most importantly, where to eat when the calories have been burned and the gorgeous views have been had?

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 9.15.16 PM

3 Responses to “TRIPS: Hittin’ the Oregon Trail”

  1. ShruTroup at 10:29 am #

    How fun! We used to stay in big hotels not too long a day but always felt isolated. We started doing hostels, small b&b type places and you tend to meet a lot more people (if thats what you want!). We also tried Air B&B for the first time when we moved to Colorado and were apartment hunting. The people we stayed were awesome and told us so much about local hiking trails and things to do in the area. It was fun hanging out with them sharing stories and experiences. Definitely an option to consider!

    • bluebinbarbie at 11:50 am #

      I’ve done it all too…just wondering about this area in particular. I’ve hosteled across Europe, stayed in big chains here and there, my mom runs an Airbnb and I’ve had good and bad experiences with them…etc.. I think we’ll end up just going out on a limb and seeing what happens! No biggie, really. Travel is travel!


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