Florida Sun, Two Ways

22 Feb

Well, we’re the luckiest. Both HT and I are reveling in the Florida sunshine this week(end). I’m visiting family on Sanibel Island, HT is in Daytona for the Daytona 500.


2013 NASCAR Daytona 500

Yep, I’m outing a certain someone as a diehard NASCAR fan. Would you have guessed it? I like to point out that he’s the best dressed, best educated fan in the average NASCAR crowd. I won’t say he has the most teeth—I’m not sure on account of his long hockey-playing history…but when I looked out over the sea of fans at the Dover Monster Mile, I was happy that my companion was the best looking, best behaved and least distastefully tattooed in the place.


So, while he lives his dream of over 10 live races in 10 days…I’ll live my dream. Read these two books on the beach…punctuated by devouring local, fresh citrus and my grandfather’s famed homemade ginger snaps and workouts at the local retiree gym, the “Sanibel Center for Life” (couldn’t make this stuff up).

photo 1

Mash-up of the century. Jane Austen vs. Bear Grylls

photo 2

Aquacise might be in my future.

Aquacise might be in my future.

Enjoy YOUR last few days of February. We certainly will.

Sending love from FL!

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 9.15.16 PM


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