I Hate New Year’s Resolutions

7 Mar

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To me, March is becoming a month of goal setting.

I am NOT a New Year’s Resolution maker.  It seems to me that the pressure of naming a resolution just because January 1 is creeping up on you always feels forced and rarely holds meaning. I like to think about what I want out of life on a more rolling basis. Did I get what I wanted out of life last month? Will I get what I want out of next month? The next year?


Yes! Albert,  you genius, you. The interesting part about this quote is that to me, it’s a bit backward. My biggest goal is to live a happy life, but recently I’ve been feeling like that is a bit vague and a little too indecisive.


So after a particularly terrible day at work, I went in search of something, anything, to help me feel like I was headed somewhere positive. I know that there are many, many positive forces at work in my life, but I needed to lay out the road map a little bit and be honest with myself about whether I was holding myself accountable for getting what I want out of my life. We only get to do this once!

Here’s what I found, and I am pretty obsessed.

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lululemon nailed it on this one. (follow the links for the print/digital form-friendly PDF)

I am making it a point to fill out this form right now. So far, “my vision” is chock full and I’m working on breaking down some specific goals that align with that vision. The exercise itself is important, as I’m realizing I have a clearer picture in my mind of what my 10-years-from-now life looks like than I ever thought I did.


My plan is to fill make a few of these goals public, as appropriate. Nothing pushes me along quite like being held accountable by others after I’ve taken the step to be accountable to myself. lululemon has some great tips for good goal-setting practices that I’m thinking of adopting, too.

My faves from the lululist:

4. blogging goals
how to set goals on your blog
I update my goals a handful of times a year on my personal blog. I like using a list format to feel like I am really making headway, and I cross the goals off through the year as I achieve them. There is a comment function on my blog, and it’s a great space to get support and create conversation around some of the biggest, baddest and scariest goals. I also share my goals on the lululemon.com blog and on our internal company blog. The more people that read my goals means more people that can support me in achieving them in one way or another.

[I suppose saying “blogging my goals” is a good idea implies that I should post my goal list, so that’s something I might try to do once I have a list worth sharing.]

8. email
Use a tool called FutureMe.org! This website allows you to email yourself in the future. Why not try emailing yourself your goals right before their due date? Just last week I got an email from myself (from 5 years ago no less) that asked me if I was “working for myself yet?” The answer is yes (I run a business in my non-lululemon time) and it felt great getting a kick in the bum from my past self!

I’m going to start with…

1. Set goals & print them for my desk, my bathroom wall and enter them into Reminders on my iPhone. They’ll be with me wherever I go.

So, would you use this lulu tool? What are your goals for this year? Or beyond?

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What do you think?

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