Do these Merrells make me look fat?

14 May

Yes, they do. They create a spectacular cankle phenomenon, especially when paired with high socks. But do I care?

If you hike with me, you’ll hear me say it. My hiking clothes are, for lack of a better word, a little mannish. I’ve tried to infuse femininity into my trail wardrobe but when it comes down to it, sexy and cute never prove to be practical, and if I’m ten miles into the woods and truckin’ along…

I’ll take performance over pretty any day.


AT, Smokies in NC/TN (Spring ’13)

A 90 degree hike in Beacon, NY (Summer '12)


Presidential Traverse, White Mts, NH (Summer ’12)



Bring on the high socks, cargo shorts, helga braids and orange boot laces! But if you find a backwoods sports bra that makes me look and feel…lifted… Let me know. There I would welcome some improvement. Perhaps I should ask Cindy.

Off the trail, now that’s another story, but everyone’s allowed to have two sides, right?


Shameless selfie!

At least we clean up nice.

I think I’m pondering trail wardrobe today in lieu of actually being able to hike. I’m still nursing a bad sprain, taking it easy, praying the Long Trail and other adventures are still in my future for July and beyond. Here’s hoping!

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