10 Minute Fudge Pie

29 Dec

If I hadn’t just sworn off sweets for the next few weeks, I’d be making this now.


With a need for dessert and drool in my mouth, I needed a recipe that wouldn’t add weight to my south. High in protein and all made from scratch, a pie from the heavens would soon be my match. A secret ingredient that was sure to fool all, a fudge like texture to make your knees buckle and fall. Sinful, and decadent, and well worth the wait, Christmas dinner was good, but dessert was like fate. 

The last two and a half weeks I didn’t eat any sugary cookies, candy, or cakes. As crazy as that sounds it wasn’t all that hard, and it was more than worth it for the decadent pie I made for Christmas dessert. This was the easiest pie I have ever made…ever.

I had so much success with my pumpkin pie I knew it was time to try something similar, but with chocolate. This…

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One Response to “10 Minute Fudge Pie”

  1. Brittany December 29, 2013 at 5:27 pm #

    After your sweet detox, YOU MUST MAKE THIS!! That is EXACTLY what I did, and having a vacation from sweets for nearly three weeks made this pie MAGICAL!

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