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HIKE & EAT: the Ultimate Dog Park (Fairfield, CT) and Food for Friends

29 Mar

This weekend was one of joy! Our very good friends welcomed their second baby to the family (giving me a perfect excuse to cook and bake) and the sun is actually shining!

Granted, the view from our living room is still this. If I could pay to melt the snow faster – I would.


Knowing I wanted to make some things to bring our friends and that we’d want dinner later but I likely wouldn’t want to cook in the afternoon, I scrambled some eggs for a hungry Hardtack while embarking on a dual mission.

A) Smitten Kitchen’s Big Crumb Coffee Cake and

B) “Make It Up As You Go” Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken (a Blue Bin original)

The coffee cake I made following the instructions to a T – with only minor substitutions. That means (for once) if you’d like to replicate these results – you need only follow the original recipe!

First – I made cake. Let me tell you – this treat will require that you use every single bowl, measuring cup and spoon in your kitchen. If that bothers you – maybe find another recipe. Once I saw the big crumbly photos – I was hooked and there was no turning back – so I persisted with delicious (if not effortless) results.

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It’s March 26th Already?

26 Mar

I hate when bloggers disappear for months or years and then make excuses for not blogging.

So, I will pretend I’ve been blogging all along, with no hiatus to speak of – because you don’t deserve to listen to excuses and I shouldn’t be making them!

So what’s up in the world of Blue Bin and Hardtack today?


  • Spring is here, but it’s not. We’ve had a fire in the fireplace 2 of the last 4 nights.
  • We’re coming up on 6 months married (amazing!).




  • I’m working on a travel bucket list for 2015.
  • We’re both in physical therapy for separate injuries (he’s recovering from surgery like a champ).
  • We took up cross country skiing this winter, and loved it (but have not yet purchased gear).



  • We have been cooking less than we should – let this be a public proclamation of intention to improve upon that.


So – look for some throwback posts over the next couple months as I share things worth sharing that I may have missed (our honeymoon!!!), some future planning posts to keep the fires of excitement burning for new adventures and new travels (island kayak camping with old friends!), and hopefully some guest posts (ahem, Portland cousin who shall not be named)!





Good to be back (not that I was ever away).

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