7 Tips for Hiking While Pregnant

4 Sep

Congrats! You’re knocked up, in the ‘family way’, with child, bumpin’ out, prego and just plain pregnant. That in itself is a victory and a feat, so GOOD LUCK to you in navigating these 10 months of unexpected changes and congrats on your desire to keep moving.

I’ve tried my best to stay active through my pregnancies. I’m 22 weeks into my second pregnancy now – how time flies (I drafted this post when pregnant with my first two years ago)…and these points still ring true.

  1. Bring water. So much water. Pretend you’re going into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights – that should be about right.
  2. Also snacks. You’ll always be surprised by how much energy your body requires when doing physical activity on top of growing a human. Protein is king. Then get ice cream or cider donuts on the way home.
  3. Dress comfortably. If the pants feel a ‘little bit tight’ when you’re tying your shoes – they’ll feel like torture at mile 3.
  4. Take it easy. Don’t feel badly for taking breaks – truly listen to your body and it will pay you back with increased energy (and a great nap later).
  5. Set reasonable expectations (for distance, challenge level, etc.).
  6. Choose your trail wisely. Think exit plans and a return route that is the same or easier on the body than the first half.
  7. USE TREKKING POLES. These are a pregnant hiker’s best friend (and a friend to all hikers, really). Your changing center of gravity makes you a likely candidate for trips and falls that you may have recovered easily from pre-pregnancy. Also, poles help you distribute effort over your whole body, so your legs don’t take 100% of the work hauling around your darling extra weight.

Lastly, just stay positive! Being outdoors is amazing for your mind, body and soul, no matter how much mileage you cover – and you’ll never regret getting your body moving a bit to ease rib and back pain, tailbone pain, and all the stomach ailments that come with pregnancy. Moving helps!

And consider joining forces with other mamas by contacting your local Hike it Baby chapter – they’re just starting at Hike It Baby 30 challenge for the month of September now!

Congrats, mama and let me know how your pregnant hikes go.

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