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BetterOats™ ARE better.

15 Jan

On a whim, I grabbed this sleek little Better Oats™ box at Stop & Shop a couple months back, having eyeballed the Nutrition Facts (as I do) and deemed them better than good ‘ol Quaker (on inclusion of flax seed alone). Now, I’m hooked. And I passed my tip on to HT and he is more than hooked, he’s full-on preaching the brand on Hardtack Honors.  It has whole grains (obvi), Omega 3s, protein, fiber, a few vitamins and antioxidants and can be mixed with ANYTHING with great results. The packaging is low-profile, too, which makes for extra space in the cupboard and less waste in the blue bin.


My reason for sharing today is, I made breakfast in my office this morning, and feel compelled to share it with SOMEONE. It’s delicious, super healthy, affordable, etc, etc, etc… I’m proud of my Tuesday-morning wholesome office concoction.

Better Oats™ Raw  + banana sliced + no sugar added natural blackberry jam (with added fiber!) + sliced almonds + cup of coffee in my favorite Gettysburg mug = This Tuesday Might Just Turn Out Alright.

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eat.drink.shop local

17 Dec

I’ve made discovery! Just miles from home, a new “indoor european style market” has popped up out of the blue, just in time for the holidays. It channels all good things…local food/wine/beer/spices, local crafters, rustic decor and a “shop local” mentality.


Prompted by a visit from out-of-town family this weekend, we paid a visit to the SoNo Marketplace and were pleasantly surprised. Some highlights:

  • a girl wandering with hot, garlicky clam samples! what service!
  • toffee almond dark chocolate graham crackers (king of treats?!)
  • concoct-your-own oatmeal (steel cut oats and EVERY mix-in under the sun)
  • gorgeous jewelry in all price ranges
  • cutest kids clothes (imagine the grinch, hand embroidered in felt onto a toddler tee)
  • gorgeous handmade leather bags (not currently in the budget, but I’ll be back)
  • a bar, tastefully stuck right in the middle of it all
  • christmas trees and wreaths for sale outside, a seasonal treat (I assume the market will extend outside in warmer months) Continue reading
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