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Wrap V-Day Gifts with Garbage! (kinda)

13 Feb

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Here’s my last minute fix for a quick, green, cheap solution to wrapping Valentine (or any) gifts. I had a small box to wrap for HT, so I knew I wanted a rustic, manly wrapping style. AND, I had everything I needed right in my trusty blue bin.

What I used:

  • Trader Joe’s brown paper shopping bags
  • Trader Joe’s Roasted Veggie Pizza box
  • rustic twine

And it’s easy!

1. Cut the bag along the seams to make a flat piece big enough to wrap around your gift.

2. Wrap the gift, paper inside out if you prefer plain brown. I loved the idea of an explorer peeking around the edge of my box, so I wrapped printed side out.

3. Tie the twine in a manly bow.

4. Cut a heart or other shaped tag from a relatively uncluttered section of the pizza (or other) box. I liked the printed pizza ingredients, ’cause the text is small so I can write on the tag in black sharpie on top, but here, mostly because of the red color.

5. Tie the heart tag on with twine. I made a small hole with the point of my scissors, as I don’t have a hole punch.

Voila! Manly gift wrap, repurposed and post-unwrapping, all recyclable.

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