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It’s March 26th Already?

26 Mar

I hate when bloggers disappear for months or years and then make excuses for not blogging.

So, I will pretend I’ve been blogging all along, with no hiatus to speak of – because you don’t deserve to listen to excuses and I shouldn’t be making them!

So what’s up in the world of Blue Bin and Hardtack today?


  • Spring is here, but it’s not. We’ve had a fire in the fireplace 2 of the last 4 nights.
  • We’re coming up on 6 months married (amazing!).




  • I’m working on a travel bucket list for 2015.
  • We’re both in physical therapy for separate injuries (he’s recovering from surgery like a champ).
  • We took up cross country skiing this winter, and loved it (but have not yet purchased gear).



  • We have been cooking less than we should – let this be a public proclamation of intention to improve upon that.


So – look for some throwback posts over the next couple months as I share things worth sharing that I may have missed (our honeymoon!!!), some future planning posts to keep the fires of excitement burning for new adventures and new travels (island kayak camping with old friends!), and hopefully some guest posts (ahem, Portland cousin who shall not be named)!





Good to be back (not that I was ever away).

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HIKE & EAT: Sleeping Giant & (GF) Quiche Fit For a King

11 Mar

IMG_0240_1 2


We just had the most beautiful weekend weather, so we set out in search of a sunny day hike, less likely to be snow-covered at this point in the season. HT suggested Sleeping Giant State Park in Hamden, CT (literally across the street from Quinnipiac). This hike is a little different than our usual trails because it’s a lot closer to civilization and therefore more populated, but the trails are unique, views are great (even if you’re looking out over suburbia) and the biggest draw for me—the terrain is interesting and varied. image-4

The trails start out at well marked trail heads with plenty of parking, maps and all-season composting toilets (bonus!). We wandered our way into the woods with much less of a plan than we usually do, but it didn’t concern me, considering the “contained” nature of this set of trails. Continue reading

I Hate New Year’s Resolutions

7 Mar

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 3.24.45 PM

To me, March is becoming a month of goal setting.

I am NOT a New Year’s Resolution maker.  It seems to me that the pressure of naming a resolution just because January 1 is creeping up on you always feels forced and rarely holds meaning. I like to think about what I want out of life on a more rolling basis. Did I get what I wanted out of life last month? Will I get what I want out of next month? The next year?


Yes! Albert,  you genius, you. The interesting part about this quote is that to me, it’s a bit backward. My biggest goal is to live a happy life, but recently I’ve been feeling like that is a bit vague and a little too indecisive.

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BetterOats™ ARE better.

15 Jan

On a whim, I grabbed this sleek little Better Oats™ box at Stop & Shop a couple months back, having eyeballed the Nutrition Facts (as I do) and deemed them better than good ‘ol Quaker (on inclusion of flax seed alone). Now, I’m hooked. And I passed my tip on to HT and he is more than hooked, he’s full-on preaching the brand on Hardtack Honors.  It has whole grains (obvi), Omega 3s, protein, fiber, a few vitamins and antioxidants and can be mixed with ANYTHING with great results. The packaging is low-profile, too, which makes for extra space in the cupboard and less waste in the blue bin.


My reason for sharing today is, I made breakfast in my office this morning, and feel compelled to share it with SOMEONE. It’s delicious, super healthy, affordable, etc, etc, etc… I’m proud of my Tuesday-morning wholesome office concoction.

Better Oats™ Raw  + banana sliced + no sugar added natural blackberry jam (with added fiber!) + sliced almonds + cup of coffee in my favorite Gettysburg mug = This Tuesday Might Just Turn Out Alright.

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Ladies and Gentleman, Start Your Engines!

26 Oct

Today marks the beginning of an interesting project, a new lifestyle blog about us: Hardtack  & Blue Bin (and the Canine Duchess of Ridgefield). We’re in pursuit of happiness in life and the outdoors. Stay tuned!


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