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Cozy Outdoorsy Decor

22 Jan

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Just came across this article on Outside highlighting Hudson Bay wool, which led me to one of the best Pinterest boards I’ve seen yet…all singing the praises of a home decor style statement I fell in love with a while back, and was able to snag for my own place a few months back. I knew then I was a trendsetter!

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I spotted this older, but beautiful 8-point Hudson Bay wool blanket outside an antique warehouse a while back. My dad was in town, we heard the old building had been condemned and all the merchandise was being moved out. As a result, they were selling EVERYTHING and we made offers left and right on butcher blocks, old war propaganda prints, antique fireman’s buckets, bible boxes and chests of all sizes. We came home with lots of gems at amazing deals, but this was by FAR my prize find of the day. It was in great condition, save for a small hole that had been hand mended (adding to the charm!). To me, it’s the perfect mixture of modern appeal and old time country/outdoorsy charm.

I love anything with a history.

You’ll rarely find something in my home that hasn’t had a life before it reaches me.

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