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HIKE : Taughannock North Rim Trail & Gorge Trail (Ithaca, NY)

3 Apr



As promised, before Spring is ACTUALLY upon us, I want to share a favorite, favorite hike when I go back to Ithaca, NY, my happy, hippie hometown.

Taughannock Falls State Park is located just down the road from my Mom’s house, on the outskirts of Ithaca proper. It’s on the west side of Cayuga Lake and ultimately the falls feed into the lake at Allan H. Treman State Park.

A couple weekends back Hardtack and I took a little trip to Ithaca and I finally got to introduce him to some of the waterfalls of “Ithaca is Gorges” fame. We hiked at Taughannock two days in a row because he was so impressed by the scenery.

North Rim Trail

On Saturday, my mom and family pooch Moose, AKA Macybean joined us for a short but beautiful trek. We parked on the turnoff on Gorge Road, just up the hill from the intersection with Willow Creek Road. You can see it in the bottom left quarter of this little map. Start hiking up the gorge from here (a left turn into the woods from your car). Continue reading

Ithaca is _____. A Townie’s Top 10

21 Mar

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 11.51.22 AM

We headed to my beloved hometown last weekend for a break from that so-called “reality” and to show HT the sights. He’s come there with me before, but he’s never really had a chance to see the I-town I know and love. As a townie, I have a pretty solid go-to list of must-dos, must-sees and must-eats. Thought I’d share!

Yes. Ithaca, NY is Gorges. But it’s much more.

1. Ithaca is Delicious.

Ask me where to go to get a bite to eat any time of day and never, ever  be disappointed?


Ithaca Bakery, an Ithaca institution. There are branches all over town, but downtown is the best (and closest to home). We grew up eating dozens of IB bagels per week, stopping after church most Sundays and I never leave town without a locally sourced, fresh, bagel sandwich when I visit these days.

FAVES: Melissa and Mexican bagel sandwiches, Sherwood Forest panini, sticky buns & carrot cake

400 N. Meadow Street
Ithaca, New York 14850
Open Monday-Sunday 6am-8pm

2. Ithaca is Active.

I give Ithacans credit. Bad weather does NOT keep them inside. It’s almost always cold and or gray (or will be in a couple hours) in Ithaca, but it doesn’t stop people from getting out and enjoying the gorges, trails and fresh air. I love hiking Taughannock’s Rim Trail when I’m home, just a mile or so from my Mom’s house and pretty spectacular for a local mini hike on a well-maintained trail. She’s lucky to live so close to something so naturally stunning. Look for another post on this hike in particular, soon!

fun 112

There are also great mountain biking trails like Shindagin Hollow (dad’s favorite), bike paths throughout the city (and a “share the road” mentality) and a general appreciation for being outdoors among locals. Ithacans are good at dressing for all weather. Growing up, the radio weather guy’s favorite sayings were “wintry mix” (9 months of the year) and “The three Hs, hazy, hot and humid” (the other 3). C’est la vie! My Ithaca upbringing made Burlington winters in college and Boston winters post-college seem like NBD.

Continue reading

Recycling is not a new idea.

29 Jan


Is it just me, or is it really ridiculous that there are still places where you have to fight…for your right…to recycle?

Recycling has been a part of my daily life since the early 90’s.

Granted, growing up in Ithaca, NY meant being right in the mix with the forward thinking types when it comes to going “green”, but recycling technology has evolved and the world’s acceptance of the importance of sustainability and conservation has certainly become more widespread since then.

So now, I wonder. Working at a publishing company, in Connecticut, in a large, corporate building that touts itself as being “green”, why is it a challenge to recycle basic paper-based office waste? And why aren’t there recycling bins next to every trash can on street corners in every Connecticut town? Or every town in every state? I ask these questions too often these days.

Shortly after HT and I first met, we were at his apartment and I casually went to throw something away in his trash can. It was then I discovered wine bottles, peeking out from beneath the other waste (gasp!!) and sighed to myself, “Houston, we have a problem.” Never one to want to “change” a man to my liking, I can say with total and complete confidence that on the recycling front, in the time since, I have provided him with a valuable education in the fine art of reduce, reuse, recycle that is certain to stick with him for life. There’s a learning curve, and I pull recyclable materials from his trash can at least twice per week, but I am confident that at the very least, I’ll never again find a wine bottle anywhere but in the good ‘ol blue bin.

Perhaps we “recycling enlightened” just need to keep on keepin’ on, changing the world one wine bottle at a time.

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 9.15.16 PM


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