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HIKE & EAT: Sleeping Giant & (GF) Quiche Fit For a King

11 Mar

IMG_0240_1 2


We just had the most beautiful weekend weather, so we set out in search of a sunny day hike, less likely to be snow-covered at this point in the season. HT suggested Sleeping Giant State Park in Hamden, CT (literally across the street from Quinnipiac). This hike is a little different than our usual trails because it’s a lot closer to civilization and therefore more populated, but the trails are unique, views are great (even if you’re looking out over suburbia) and the biggest draw for me—the terrain is interesting and varied. image-4

The trails start out at well marked trail heads with plenty of parking, maps and all-season composting toilets (bonus!). We wandered our way into the woods with much less of a plan than we usually do, but it didn’t concern me, considering the “contained” nature of this set of trails. Continue reading

Nemo, a Clownfish of a Storm

11 Feb

Alright, alright, it was a legitimate storm, but not once did we have to snap into survival mode! In fact, at times we got *gasp*….a little bored.

So I cooked, baked and concocted our way to a few pound weight gain over the course of the weekend, and we took LOTS of walks…at times treacherous, at times extremely peaceful, in all weather.20130211-233547.jpg


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Blizzard Schmizzard #nemo

8 Feb


It’s days like these I laugh to myself as city dwellers freak out about rations and fresh water and snowblowers and batteries. I am not playing down their concern, all hikers know preparedness is key, but I love knowing that no matter what happens, survival is not on my list of fears.

No biggie, we’ll camp in the living room.

If the power goes out, my gas stove/oven will still work. Jackpot! I also have a sweet cherry red Primus tailgate grill setup if we want to get fancy on the back porch.

p-329285We’ll be warm and toasty with layers galore and bedding made for the great outdoors…

This could be us..

This could be us..

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