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Cinnamon: America’s Favorite Spice

17 Jan


Well, according to Hardtack, it’s America’s favorite. Maybe it’s just his favorite. In fact, the only person more enthused about cinnamon is Kevin on The League, in search of the perfect wall color for annoying Ellie’s bedroom. But it’s not all subjective—Tim Ferriss of 4 Hour Body guru status says:

“Cinnamon helps keep blood sugars in check, which helps control weight gain. Both Cassia and Ceylon cinnamon help regulate glucose levels.”

And cinnamon is a key player in some of the most delicious concoctions known to man…

photo 3

Big Red- the only gum I will chew these days as I am super sensitive to any kind of fake sugar. Cinnamon flavor lasts longer than mint, hands down. Continue reading

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