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TRIPS: Hittin’ the Oregon Trail

19 Feb

You may remember The List.  Recently, I asked, while washing dishes,

“Why have this list if we aren’t actually going to visit these places?”

And the next day, we decided just where my tax refund money is going this year.


We’re Oregon bound!

Per recommendations from my cousins living in Portland (Headstart among them), we plan to visit in August. We want to hit Portland (where I’ve been but HT hasn’t) and Bend, OR for some outdoor QT.

So now the question becomes…what to do when we’re there? And where to stay?

Here are my thoughts so far. We’ll see if HT agrees.


Powell’s Bookstore – last time I visited, I lost myself in this amazing independent bookstore for hours. And my delightful cousin works here, so it’s nice to pop in on her in “her element”. Continue reading

The List.

31 Jan

A few months back, we made a list of places in the US that we want to visit. It hangs on my fridge, reminding me that life is much bigger than my daily routine, tempting me to rent an RV and just start driving. Yes, some are crossed off, and Gettysburg aside, that doesn’t actually mean we’ve been there. It started as a top ten list but has devolved since…


What’s missing from our list?

If you had to pick just one, where would you go? Why?

Time to start saving our pennies for flights, food and fun!

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 9.15.16 PM


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