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The Long Trail – A Throwback Post Series by Hardtack

10 Jan

As we slog through the winter months, with temps dipping below comfortable hiking weather, we’re afforded the opportunity to travel back in time and take a minute to celebrate an accomplishment that never had it’s moment in the sun (no pun intended)¬†at the time.

As you may remember, Hardtack decided to hike the muddy, rainy (not so sunny) Long Trail, through Vermont from the Massachusetts border to the Canadian border two summers ago. He just recently finished polishing up his trail journal, so now is a good a time as any to begin sharing his experience!

We’ll break it into pieces, so as not to overwhelm, but it’s fun to look back at the challenges he took on and how far we’ve come since then! Without further ado – the first installation. I am mighty proud of my now-husband, then boyfriend for achieving such a goal.

And with that, I hand the blogging off to him for a spell!


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